We have learned quite a lot in creating these books. One of the most important things was how far people were, or were not, likely to stray from convention on phonetic interpretations of their language. Even on simple 12-word-long books there can be quite a few differences on how words are used and pronounced. With the help of language advisors, we have tried our best to provide the broadest usage of languages as possible, assuming a mostly American audience, in creating these books.



Dooleyglot has used simplified Mandarin, Chinese characters for type. We have chosen to use the Yale system of Romanization for our phonetic interpretations of Chinese words, to make things as phonetically simple as possible for English speakers.



We have chosen Latin American Spanish as a basis for our phonetic interpretations. Stressed syllables are italicized to help guide pronunciation.



Hangul, the Korean alphabet, is phonetic. For this reason, there is a very good Romanization, in common use, for English interpretation. We have used that here.