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Bilingual Board Book Series

Dooleyglot Bilingual

A Better Way to Learn More Than Just Words


Beautiful on Purpose

These gloriously-illustrated board books are designed to make learning a new word an experience to be cherished. Mison Kim’s jewel-like images invite children to discover and play. Each page turn opens on a whole world of possibilities that can make meaningful differences for developing a child’s visual and verbal sensibilities. The magic of language is more than just pointing and naming—it’s sharing. Share more of your world with your child. Open a Dooleyglot book and find out what you can find together.

The How & What of Objects

Mison Kim’s Dooleyglot books use visual priming to help young children engage with context. The right side of the spread is designed to present an object isolated in space—like most first-words books. On the left side, the same object is surrounded by an exciting, detailed, color-drenched environment. This provokes interaction with the image, as well as interaction between caregivers and children as they discover shapes, colors, and different views of the object, together.


Upcoming events


Mid-Hudson Children’s Museum - BUGS! with Mison Kim - June 28th

Start your summer off with BUGS! On Friday, June 28th, Mison Kim will being investigating the beauty and majesty of BUGS at the Mid-Hudson Children’s Museum. Learn what it takes to make her beautiful world of bugs images. Kids are invited to join in the painting of a BUGS mural, and other activities.


Brooklyn Book Festival, Children’s Day - September 21st

Join Dooleyglot at the Brooklyn Book Festival Children’s Day. New York’s largest book festival, and the best place to find new children’s books and fun activities.



Dooleyglot is always looking to take things further. We would love the opportunity to partner with other creative minds to try to make a difference in our world. If you would like to join us on our adventure, please contact us and let us know what you think. Check out our Projects page to see a few of our other ideas. Maybe, together, we can make a new reality.