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Mison Kim’s Beautiful Books are Getting Some Fabulous Reviews

Mison Kim’s newest bilingual concept book, FRUITS, is genius level! FRUITS is available in English/Korean, English/Chinese and English/Spanish. Linear, colorful illustration make up the left panel, while the text with phonetic pronunciation and a single fruit is depicted on the right panel. Children will be enthralled by the different layers and fruits camouflaged within the illustrations on the left pages, and be impressed with themselves when they are able to find the prominent image on the right page within the left illustrations. Young and adult readers will be delighted that they can already name a few fruits in another language. This is a must have for any bilingual family, or any library collection with a need for bilingual titles. For any fan of Dooleyglot books or Mison’s artwork, FRUITS will not disappoint.

-Candice Roach, School Library Media Specialist, NY

"Our 15-month old daughter loves your books. She was born with a brain deficiency, a partial agenesis corpus callosum, which means she doesn't have the entirety of her brain processing functions, like we do. With that being said, she frequently picks up your books and brings them over to me to read to her. She likes finding the ball hidden on the left side of the book, then loves to hear me say the word out loud in Spanish. She has since learned to say "Ball," although we're still working on the Spanish side. After returning from a week-long trip in Florida, she picked your book up from among a pile of 40 books for me to read to her!" - Rebecca P.

Ball from TOYS Spanish Bilingual - (Coming this October)

Ball from TOYS Spanish Bilingual - (Coming this October)

Mison Kim is an exhibiting artist whose intricate drawings and paintings may be found in collections world-wide. She is a celebrated fashion illustrator and designer. Look for her new series of Dooleyglot bilingual board books, including: FRUITS, BUGS, and TOYS—all being released in 2019.

Illustrated by Mison Kim. Copyright © 2017, 2019, by Mison Kim. All rights reserved.


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