Bats and Hats and a Shadow Cat, What Do You See on Halloween?

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Bats and Hats and a Shadow Cat

Witch Illustration from: Bats and Hats and a Shadow Cat

and in the cauldron a bubbling brew…

Check out this new Halloween-themed picture eBook, illustrated by Mison Kim, with words by E.B.Quib, that combines a first words format, with fun and engaging seek-and-find illustrations, to celebrate creativity, learning, and to inspire investigation. Bats and Hats and a Shadow Cat has been designed to help develop both visual and verbal sensibilities through exploration and focus. See the object described. Find that object within a context. Look further and discover more. Have fun! Talk about what is there: colors, shapes, ideas.

SCARECROW pages from Bats and Hats and a Shadow Cat

Where has the other one gone?

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